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Janis Kerman



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These captivating earrings feature a unique curving wire design that adds a graceful and contemporary touch to your look.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings are made from sterling silver, ensuring durability and timeless beauty. The curving wire gracefully suspends from the earlobe, creating a stunning visual effect that is both chic and sophisticated.

Adding a touch of luxury and warmth, the earrings are delicately accented with a hint of gold. This subtle touch of gold enhances the overall design, creating an eye-catching detail that complements the sterling silver beautifully.

At the bottom of each earring, a pair of moonstone drops dangle with ethereal elegance. Moonstones, known for their mystical and iridescent qualities, add a captivating shimmer to the earrings. Their gentle hues and luminescence bring an enchanting touch to the overall design.

Made by the artist Janis Kerman in Quebec


Sterling silver, 18k yellow gold


2-3/4" length

Care Instructions

Wash your silver by hand in warm, sudsy water. Rinse well and hand-dry immediately. For silver that is tarnished, clean with a good quality silver polish.

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