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Janis Kerman



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These captivating earrings feature the outline of a diamond-shaped rhombus, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Made from high-quality sterling silver, these earrings boast a sleek and polished appearance, exuding sophistication and refinement. The diamond-shaped outline adds a touch of geometric allure, making these earrings both modern and timeless.

Running through the middle of each earring is a delicate line of gold, adding a luxurious and eye-catching detail. This subtle touch of gold enhances the overall design, creating a captivating contrast against the sterling silver.

To enhance the elegance further, a row of lustrous pearls gracefully adorns the center of the gold line. The pearls bring a classic and timeless element to the earrings, exuding a sense of grace and sophistication.

Made by the artist Janis Kerman in Quebec


Sterling silver, 18k yellow gold
Cultured pearls


2-1/4" length

Care Instructions

Wash your silver by hand in warm, sudsy water. Rinse well and hand-dry immediately. For silver that is tarnished, clean with a good quality silver polish.

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